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Thank you for your time. It seems additional host added to account just functions like individual account. I wonder whats the advantage of create additional host in an account. When additional host are unable to see the meetings that each creates and unable to help to host a meeting and the original host has to host another meeting. I often need to leave a meeting I set up that has run over and join another meeting that I have set up.

I have tried making someone else the host on the 1st meeting, however, that still does not allow me to start the 2nd meeting. Will alternative hosts solve this assuming one of the alternative hosts is on the first meeting? We could do this in Webex up to a limit of four concurrent meetings per host.

The only time I ran into an issue with the four meeting limit was if we were doing testing. If I buy one zoom account and let my colleagues be hosts can my colleagues host different meetings? Thank you for the response. For example, there is a virtual education fair where students can schedule meeting with Universities. I have two meetings that are each 1 hour long and start 15 minutes apart.

If I create the first meeting and schedule it to last only 15 minutes, then I can create the second meeting without technically double-booking myself and that first meeting is able to continue past the 15 minute scheduled time without impacting the second meeting negatively. Hi Martynas I have sent the links to my staff, so they could be users associated with my account. Only two have done it. Will they be able to host meeting via their own zoom account and be visible on mine? Mine is a paid one and I use it for supplementary education hence I need multiple meetings at the same time for my teachers.

I have a different requirement. We are running an institute. We have around 6 teachers who will be hosting 6 different classes at the same time. Will PRO account fulfill the above requirement? Please suggest. I own the account. I have two other licensed users. We need to run three meetings at the same time. I am the one that sets the meetings, and appoint them as alternative hosts. They both seem to be able to run their meetings without a problem, but it I start mine, it tells me to end the others.

This allow you to decide who will be the host of the meeting. In my case, I create the event with my user 1 and I decide that user 2 will run the class. Now if you go back on your meetings, you will see at the top right of the page in which calendar you have planned your meeting Myself, user 2 or user 2.

Hi SB Communications! Trying to figure out how our users the host should access the meeting? It keeps getting switched back to the master account. Our exact question – and I cannot seem to get a response. As you mentioned , on our licensed account and if we have 10 licenses , we can create many users , but only 9 of those can have a Pro license.

For instance, we create 3 non-licensed-users userA , userB , userC and what we wanna do is that…. At the same time! To answer your question, Yes! As long as the meetings are hosted by different users, they can run simultanesouly. How to create multiple meetings at the same time using 1 account API and Webhooks. Hello Im Yusuke. Here is the description. My company is creating new App. So now we as a salesperson can talk with customer who wants to buy-or-sell his car. We are going to spread our new App into the car Industry in Japan.

So we need to have multiple meeting at the same time. I know that we need 10 zoom accounts if we host 10 zoom meetings at the same time. Is it viable? Hey yusuke , Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks, Max. We have one Pro Zoom Account. What is a license? What for? Does it mean you can create only 9 Users under 1 Pro Zoom Account?

Sorry for my poor English. Best Regards. Hey yusuke , First, no need to apologize for your English! A license will allow a user to use the features of that license. For instance, Basic Users A basic user is a user without a paid license. Licensed A licensed user is a paid account user who can host unlimited meetings on the public cloud.

Let me know if that helps.



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Concurrent means the same user hosting more than one meeting at the same time. Every user on your account can host their own meeting at the same time, but none. However, you can not enter two meetings at the same time, and you can only join one. If you enter the second meeting, you will leave the meeting.


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