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Use AirPlay with Apple TV or AirPlay-enabled TVs · Mirror your screen with Chromecast devices · Mirror your screen with Roku · Your TV might already support. You may need to click the Menu button on the Apple TV remote a few times to Recording a Zoom Meeting on Your iPad (can be done while AirPlaying if you.


How to video chat through your TV on Zoom and Google Meet


When mirroring like this, the sound will also be sent to the TV, so if things are quiet, turn up the volume on your phone, then turn up the volume on your TV to get the level you want. There are a number of TVs that support mirroring functions without any extra devices needed. For example, Samsung smart TVs have supported mirroring from many phones – but Samsung’s phones in particular – for a number of years. You might be able to mirror your phone straight onto your TV and the fire up the Zoom app, so it’s worth checking.

Just make sure you’re not trying to mirror on your neighbour’s TV. Connecting via cable means you don’t have to worry about dropping the wireless signal, so can be more stable – but it also means your source device is then tethered to the TV, so you can’t just go for a walk. It might also mean that the camera and microphone are further away from you than you want them to be although you can use Bluetooth devices to get around this problem.

But wired is also very simple. It’s as simple as that, although you might have to tell the laptop what’s happening with that second display if it doesn’t figure it out on its own. We’ve found some adapters just don’t do anything, so you’re probably better getting one from your device manufacturer. So this isn’t strictly about getting things on your TV, because it’s about sound – but it’s worth considering.

Phones and laptops generally have poor speakers and microphones, which will downgrade the audio experience. If you’re sharing with your TV, you’ll probably then be using your TV speaker or a home cinema system for the audio, which could sound a lot better – this is great for a fitness class where you don’t need to say anything in return. An alternative is to use a Bluetooth speaker. That means you can connect a Bluetooth speaker and have that close to you, prop up your phone across the room and you’ll still be able to hear everything.

This is great if you’re Zooming in a group – and if the speaker has a mic, that can be better for those on the other end too. Zoom audio and video are both encrypted. It is probably no riskier than using Facebook or Google, both of whom capture data about you and what you are doing.

Microsoft Teams is designed for use by closed, fixed teams working in collaboration within a company, where all users have access to the same software and hardware. Microsoft Teams operates differently on different devices, which makes it harder for a community like U3APP to use. Zoom , on the other hand, works well, is easy to use on a variety of devices, has no cost for our members and is affordable for U3APP.

Security is not a high priority for U3APP because we are not transmitting confidential information that could be of interest or use to others. Any other concerns you think this popup should address? Please email webmaster u3app. Should you have concerns about security on the internet when paying by credit card or debit card, here is how we handle online payments.

We switched to an alternative gateway called Stripe. It has security which is as good as PayPal, but has a much simpler form for members to fill in, and lower costs for a not-for-profit organisation. In fact, Stripe is probably better from a privacy point of view — because PayPal uses an account rather than just asking for credit card details, which means it is collecting your purchasing history each time you use it. We used to use bank transfers eons ago. The problem is that it is a manual process, and an awkward one at that, which is not instantaneous and, like all manual processes, is subject to error.

It relies on. With over members to look after, life is much easier for the volunteers who run U3A Port Phillip if everyone can use the same systems. This may take up to 2 days.

Should an email not be automatically generated, you can fix the problem as follows:. The waitlist email will be displayed. Do not press SEND in the waitlist email. Firstly, logon to the U3APP website. Our regular classes provide all kinds of opportunities to learn new skills, keep fit, and broaden your knowledge. Our very low annual membership fee gives you access to all our classes, and to a range of one-off events.

U3A Port Phillip is also a very friendly and supportive community, providing opportunities for you to make new friends, and to give back to the community by becoming a volunteer.

All our courses are taught or presented by volunteers. This means the range of courses is partly dictated by the availability of people to teach, as well as by the demands of our membership. Once you become a financial member of U3APP, you can enrol in as many courses as you wish for no extra charge except for occasional charges for course notes, special venue hire, the cost of excursions etc.

There are some limits set from time to time on the number of courses of the same type for popular courses such as languages and exercise courses — details are in our Enrolment Policies. There are no academic entry requirements nor any assessments or examinations. We are always looking for new tutors and new ideas for courses. In this spacious Edwardian house, we have our Office, three classrooms and a Hall which are in more or less constant use by our members during the day.

Our Course Program and Calendar of Events provide the information you need about where courses are held, with Google maps to help you find venues that may not be familiar to you. Indeed we expect that every member will contribute as a volunteer at some time. In any one year, about a quarter of our membership is involved in some volunteer capacity. This shows how rewarding our volunteers find the task of keeping U3APP running and making it as efficient, successful and friendly as possible.

U3APP is strongly supported by the City of Port Phillip, who own, manage and maintain the venues we use for our courses and events. We receive some grant funding from local, state and federal governments, administered via U3A Network Victoria. U3APP also benefits from the use of discounts on computer hardware and software that are available to not-for-profit organisations. This includes a range of discounts obtained via Connecting Up , and discounted use of AppSheet which we use for electronic class rolls.

Introduction Do you attend one of our online Zoom classes and find the screen on your device is a bit small, especially for an exercise class or when watching a video in your class? The zoom user requires the option of supporting two-way audio and video communication but must return to their device to be seen or heard by others.

Flowchart A high level flowchart of the connection options is given below, identifying 4 broad options which are discussed in the later sections. Interface Eg. Option 2 — Smart TV Many modern TVs support inbuilt wi-fi capabilities which enable content to be sent directly from a source device to the TV screen without a physical connection. So, in summary, to access zoom: Select three dots menu Select Cast Open Sources dropdown menu then Select ‘Cast desktop’ Click the destination to cast to Popup window appears; click the image of your desktop to highlight it Click the Share button Go to u3app.

Note that Chrome browser on iphones does not directly support casting. On iPhone 8 or earlier or iOS 11 or earlier: Swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.

Tap Screen Mirroring. On your Mac, click in the menu bar at the top of your screen. Change settings or stop mirroring To change the size of your desktop mirrored on your TV, click in the menu bar. Select three dots menu at top-right of Chrome screen Select Cast Open Sources dropdown menu then Select ‘Cast desktop’ Click the destination to cast to Popup window appears; click the image of your desktop to highlight it Click the Share button Go to u3app.

Enrolment FAQs for Within each day the opening time for enrolment depends on the type of course: am On-line booking opens for all Exercise courses, with an E as the second character of the course code. Do I have to do anything? Am I more likely to get into a course if I enrol on-line? I would rather put in a paper enrolment. Paper forms are available from the Office at Mary Kehoe Centre or they can be downloaded from the website here.

Are courses being held face-to-face or on-line? Some tutors have decided that they prefer to run their courses online using Zoom. These show the physical location for the course in the Course Guide, and are also listed on the Face-to-Face courses page.

There are three ways you can provide proof: Complete the form on the Proof of Vaccination page, attach your proof and Submit. If you are currently attending F2F courses at Mary Kehoe, you can go into the Office after your class is finished, present your proof of vaccination to the Office Volunteer and ask them to record your proof in the system. Present your proof of vaccination at the pop-up office at Mary Kehoe Centre on Monday 29 November, Tuesday 30 November and Wednesday 1 December , between and How do I maximise my chances of getting into a popular course?

Here are some hints: Check that you can login to the website well before Enrolment Week starting on Monday 13 December — send an email to webmaster u3app. Check that you are showing as a Member or Life Member. If you think you have renewed but you are still showing as a Free Subscriber or Unfinancial Member, send an email to webmaster u3app. During Enrolment Week, login to the website well before enrolment bookings open at am each day, so you are all ready to go.

If you want to enrol in more than one course on the same day, book the one that you think is most likely to fill first , then the next most popular, and so on.

What if I miss out on the course I want to do? Is it worth bothering to put myself on the Waitlist for a class that is full? For two reasons: Over time, most people on a Waitlist get into the course. If the Course Coordinators know that there is a big demand for a course, they may be able to find another tutor to run a similar course, or persuade a tutor to run a second session, or to repeat the course.

If that happens, people on the Waitlist for the course will be given preference for places on the additional course.

I enrolled in one of the Dummy courses — should my name appear in the list of attendees? You need to refresh the page before your name will appear. I tried to put myself on the Waitlist for the Dummy full course and it did not create an email as it is supposed to.

What do I do? InstaShow WDC is a wireless presentation system that allows you to safely share the data in meeting rooms or huddle spaces. Its very simple to install and use – with no driver, no app, and no special network configuration needed.

Security types will appreciate that every transmission is encrypted and the product has been tested and certified against known threats. You can learn more about wireless presentation security here. InstaShow works with laptops, iPads, and smartphones — and even Linux devices such as Raspberry Pi to make it easy for anyone to share their screen in a meeting.

Multiple presenters can connect at the same time and up to 4 participants can show their data simultaneously while keeping your data secure from eavesdropping. Or find your local office. We use cookies and similar technologies to process personal information for the operation of our website, statistical analysis, and providing targeted advertising. We share information about your use of the site with our advertising partners who may further share it with additional parties.

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