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Virtual Classrooms Everything you need to know about learning with Virtual Classrooms. From now on, every time you use the classroom you created ex zoom1 you will be automatically creating a zoom meeting. Step Two: Hosting a Meeting You can either clqssroom a meeting on the spot or schedule a meeting for a particular time or date. Click JOIN to join the class.


How to add a zoom link in google classroom


When you are ready to join the virtual classroom, seelct Join with Computer Audio. Both dialogue boxes as below will appear and you will need to select Join with Computer Audio in both to enter the Virtual Classroom.

At the bottom of the calendar, you will locate a drop-down box. Select the drop-down arrow and choose the event you wish to view i. Zoom Virtual Classroom. The below dialogue box will appear, before joining the zoom meeting you need to test your audio settings. Select the Test speak and microphone button. Once you hear the tone, select Yes. Once you hear the replay, select Yes.

Once you have complete the audio check, the below dialogue boxes will appear. When you are ready to join the virtual classroom, select Join with Computer Audio. Back Grades User Progress. Back Buddycheck Feedback Fruits. Virtual Classrooms Everything you need to know about learning with Virtual Classrooms. Accessing a Zoom Virtual Classroom Zoom Virtual Classrooms allow students who are not able to be physically present in class to attend the session online. Make sure that you are using Google Chrome for your internet browser.

Once pinned, Zoom is now installed completely. Select Test speaker and microphone. Make sure the sound and microphone are active on your PC or laptop. Meeting Expectations. Students should be provided with distance learning meeting expectations, which may include the following:.

Do not share login information, meeting links, or passwords with others. School and classroom rules apply to the distance learning instruction environment. Dress appropriately for distance learning instruction sessions. Do not conduct audio or video recordings or take screen shots of virtual class meetings or activities unless you have received prior permission to do so from a teacher or authorized District official.

To the extent possible, participate from a quiet and neutral location that will be free of distractions. Students who use inappropriate language, share inappropriate images, or in any way behave inappropriately on a video conference may be subject to appropriate discipline. Once the meeting is over, be sure to close out of the meeting platform entirely. Make sure that your camera is covered and that your microphone is off to avoid inadvertent transmission following the meeting.

Meeting Background. When engaging in virtual classroom meetings, to the extent possible, maintain a neutral and appropriate background that is free from distractions. Recording Notification. If you are planning to record the Zoom meeting for any reason, notify participants prior to starting the recording. Participant Check.

Begin a meeting by double checking that only authorized participants have joined the meeting. If there is a participant that you do not recognize or that is not authorized to participate, remove the participant from the meeting. Reiterate Meeting Expectations. Open the meeting by providing a brief reminder of meeting expectations. Supervising Students. While engaging in virtual classroom meetings, teachers and classroom aides are required to supervise students and may refer students for disciplinary action as necessary when students engage in misconduct.

Mandatory Reporting Obligations. While engaging in virtual classroom meetings, teachers should be reminded that they are mandated reporters of suspected abuse and neglect, including while communicating with students during distance learning instruction. If teachers or other mandated reporters have questions regarding mandated reporting obligations, they should consult with a supervisor for guidance and additional resources.

Lockin g a Meeting. On Zoom, go to User Management and click users Figure Scroll down and copy the password from the Password field and paste it on Classter Figure Figure 26 From now on, every time you use the classroom you created ex zoom1 you will be automatically creating a zoom meeting. Figure 33 Click to join the session to open the zoom meeting. By clicking on Join you will view the following page Figure Figure 34 The lecturer appears as the host of the zoom meeting, he can click on the Join button to join the zoom meeting audio only.

Note: Join Audio appears as an option because in this case, the user may not have an enabled cam. If you have waited and think you should be able to join, email dnalc-it cshl. You will be provided a link for your camp. If you have installed Zoom software computer or App mobile device you can also join by entering the provided meeting ID. NOTE: Please enter your first name and last initial when joining or your will not be admitted. Wait to be accepted into the Zoom meeting. You will see a waiting room screen.

If you are asked to provide your name in the Zoom app on your computer or mobile device make sure you use your first name and the initial of your last name e. Mary Smith would be Mary S. Meetings will open approximately 10 minutes before the start of the camp session After entering the waiting room, you should be admitted within a few minutes: Please enter your first name and last initial when joining or you will not be admitted. You will then be unmuted to comment.

What you will need to sign up: An email address – preferably one the camper can access, but this is optional A cell phone optional – you may get a one-time text message from Google to confirm your account Note: The camper must also meet the minimum age limit 13 years old to sign up for an account.

This is your personal link, please do not share. Click the JOIN button to join the class. This will bring you to a sign-in page. If you do not have a Gmail account you are using, choose Create account. Then choose to create an account For myself. At this stage, you are free to create a new Gmail account if you wish this is a new, free email account.

However, you do not need to create a new mail account. We recommend clicking Use my current email address instead.


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