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There will be an email invitation sent to those who have not registered for a Zoom account, if you add their email address. It is also possible to use a channel to communicate with a group. By default, direct messages can only be sent to channel members if they are already in your contact directory. If you want to add a contact and start a meeting or chat immediately, you need to approve the request.

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But you can save time and effort by integrating your contacts into Zoom. You can either add each contact one by one, or you can import your contacts from another service such as Google, Microsoft Exchange, or Microsoft By default, your Zoom contacts list already contains the names of those in your organization using the same company-wide Zoom account.

You can add an external contact by inviting them via email. After the contact accepts your invitation, you can chat, collaborate in a live meeting, and share files.

If the person does not yet have a Zoom account, they can create one when they accept your invitation. Open the Zoom desktop client. At the main screen, click the icon at the top for Contacts. The app indicates that the invitation has been sent. Click OK. The person receives the invitation email with a link to click.

The person clicks the Approve button to accept your invitation. Your Zoom contact list then shows the name of each person who accepted an invitation Figure B.

To chat with the person, click on their name and select the Chat icon. To launch a video chat, click the Meet with Video icon. For other actions, click the More icon. Here, you can opt to meet with or without video, be notified when the person signs into Zoom, add other members to your contacts, star this contact as a favorite, block the contact, clear the chat history, or delete the contact Figure C. The contacts are also easily accessible when you want to invite people to a meeting.

After you start your meeting, click the Up arrow next to the Participants icon and select Invite. Your contacts list appears. Click the people you wish to participate and then click the Invite button Figure D.

More efficiently, you can add an entire address book to your Zoom contact list. You can pull the contacts from Google, Microsoft Exchange, or Microsoft The Zoom website pops up with your account settings and information.

A Select a Service window also appears with the three services listed—Google, Exchange, and Office Click the service from which you want to integrate your address book of contacts.

With Google, you can also opt to incorporate your calendar. Click Next Figure F. Select your email account if prompted and allow the necessary permissions. Your Zoom account page should now show that the service you selected is integrated with Zoom. Return to the Zoom app. Click on the entry for Contacts under Cloud Contacts, and the name of each integrated contact appears. Click on the name of a specific person to view their contact information Figure G. You would then continue to manage the contact list in the external service as usual.

Any additions, deletions, or modifications you make in the external service are synchronized with Zoom each time you open the Zoom app.



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To link with someone, in the Zoom app, go to the Contacts section then click the plus + symbol. Enter the email address of the contact you want. Add a contact from scratch · On the toolbar, select New contact. A screenshot of the New contact button · Enter details for the contact. Select Add more to add.


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