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Zoom Webinar Rehearsal (Practical Session Function) – Zoom Guide.Zoom Webinar Setup and Best Practices

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A webinar details page will load. Scroll to the bottom of the page. A series of tabs will be available. Some of the options available under these tabs are described below. Invitations Invite Panelists — Recommended as the last step, when everything else is in place.

Zoom will send each panelist an email invitation. You can also generate tracking links that allow you to figure out what is driving traffic to your event e.

Registration Settings — Manage registration options and questions. Manage Attendees — View and manage attendee registration statuses. Email Contact — Change the email contact that is listed in webinar emails. By default, the scheduler of the meeting is listed as the email contact. Invitation Email to Panelists — Determine whether an invitation email is sent to panelists. Confirmation Email to Registrants — Manage email that is sent to registrants upon confirmation.

Reminder email to Attendees and Panelists — Manage frequency of reminder emails to attendees and panelists. Branding Title — Edit the title that appears at the top of webinar registration page. Banner — Manage image that is displayed at the top of the invitation page. Logo — Manage the image that is displayed on the right side of the invitation page, registration page, and email invitation. Speakers — Create speaker profiles for each of your panelists.

These profiles will appear at the bottom of the registration form. Theme — Adjust theme colors for the registration page. This URL will open in the Zoom launch page 5 min after they join the webinar. Polls Manage in-webinar polls. Survey Manage a post-webinar survey. The survey will automatically appear for participants when the webinar is ended. Surveys can be built right in Zoom or included from a 3rd party service.

More Live Streaming — Manage live streaming of webinar. The Webinar Practice Session. Using the Practice Session Log in to tufts. Click Start Practice Session. Alternative hosts and panelists will be able to get into the Practice Session, but attendees cannot. While in practice mode, you can adjust webinar settings, practice sharing content, etc. When you are done practicing, you can do one of the following: Click End to end the Practice Session. Click Start Webinar to begin the actual event.

Attendees will now be able to enter the webinar. Webinar Window – Hosts, Co-hosts, and Panelists. Use the Attendees tab of the Participant panel to manage individual participants, including giving individual attendees the ability to unmute their microphone. Use the Chat feature to send messages to participants. They can also decide whether participants have the ability to send chats. Enable live transcripts. Manage recordings. Launch and manage Polls. Webinar Window – Attendees. Use the Practice Session, to do a dry run of your event with your Co-hosts and panelists, if possible.

The day of the webinar, use the Practice session to get set up before you let attendees in. If you want the webinar to be recorded, consider setting it up to record automatically. It is generally recommended that you record to the cloud rather than to your local device. If possible, invite one or more people with knowledge of Zoom as Alternative Hosts and give them specific roles in your webinar e. Depending on the event, you may want to set up Speaker profiles for your Panelists!

It is also recommended that you allow attendees to view answered questions only. If you are using the Registration feature: Adjust your registration options and questions before you send out the registration link! Keep an eye on registrations. Generate a Registration Report to create a. Configure reminder and follow-up emails as necessary. Consider uploading images for banners and logos to make your event feel more professional.

Want audience feedback? Consider using the Poll and Survey features! On your Zoom account, click Webinars in the left navigation menu. On the Zoom Webinar page, click on the name of your webinar, and Edit. Optional If you want to record your practice session, check Automatically record webinar in the cloud. How do panelists join a zoom webinar practice session?

Hosting webinars with Zoom. Zoom has a built-in option to create a simple webinar landing page with a registration form. This can help you capture the details of the people who are interested in attending your webinar. In this guide I will walk you through how to Customize your Zoom registration page. Nir Shub. May 29, Should you pay for the Zoom Webinar addon? Or is a standard Zoom meeting enough to get started?



How to run a zoom webinar practice session – none:


Our team recently xession our first virtual Zoom mini-module. This experience, however, was a whole new challenge and we learned a lot along the way! Our recent module was focused on the impacts and ripple effects of COVID, with a global audience of investors webinzr 30 countries. Rnu is definitely what took the majority of our prep time, so I hope we can make it a bit easier for you. Rather than try to replicate what we would have done in person, we focused on why we were gathering and what tools we needed to provide that value.

We wanted to optimize for bringing together fun largest group of our network and provide high-value content, and opportunities to discuss and connect. The options we considered were:. While Hopin was most intriguing in terms of user experience and functionality, we really valued the known experience of Zoom and wanted practkce eliminate as many unknowns as possible. We optimized for familiarity both for our Fellows and speakers as well as robust video capacity for large groups.

Zoom has two options: Meeting and Webinar. Meetings allow for more of a community feel and the ability for breakouts which we loved for smaller group discussions. Note that one Zoom user cannot host both a Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar simultaneously, which was our biggest technical slip-up of the experience.

Jeff kicked off sessions with questions for speakers and acted as a more traditional fireside chat moderator. I also handled logistics by setting expectations and letting our participants know when a break was coming. Kirsten welcomed all speakers see above and Ava liaised with participants throughout, posting relevant info in the chat. Begin engaging the group as soon as they log in by asking questions, checking in, and encouraging participants to tl in the chat.

As the tech moderator, this meant I would 1 choose the next question-asker, 2 send them a direct message to ensure they were ready, 3 find them in the participant list and give them access to unmute their own microphone. The chat feature defaults to chatting with /17552.txt and does not practtice you to direct message any participant individually.

On more than one occasion I noen: a note which I thought went to all participants but went to all panelists. This is a slightly clunky solution because the process of rejoining webinars might require you to re-submit your information, but we found a lot of value in what each environment offered. We found that the group breakouts were valuable, but typically needed at least 20 minutes.

Having a moderator is best, especially if you can bring in a prepared subject matter expert to sessionn these. Tun the connections that pracice forming have the opportunity to grow by connecting participants via email after.

How to run a zoom webinar practice session – none: on the momentum by creating space for conversations to continue and being proactive about making email introductions. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, how to run a zoom webinar practice session – none: website in this browser for the next time Zoom doesnt how that a to link expire make comment.

This is indeed really helpful. Hoping this may how to run a zoom webinar practice session – none: someone. Thank you for this article. Stay safe. April 22, Written By: Jessie Slocum.

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Zoom for High-Profile Events: Online Course Delivery Training.

They can also decide whether participants have the ability to send chats. Use the Chat feature to send messages to participants. Think of webinars like a virtual lecture hall or auditorium. By default, the scheduler of the meeting is listed as the email contact. Cloud is recommended. What are the transition queues verbal, hand gesture, etc? See below for more information.

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