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24 Best Virtual Employee Engagement Games, Activities & Ideas – First of all, what exactly is employee engagement?

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This is a fantastic way to infuse some fun into your work meetings and empower your employees to showcase their talents. Agorapulse, the makers of social media management software, faced a big challenge when their work retreat scheduled for April ended up coinciding with the global shutdown.

They had to scramble to turn an in-person retreat into a virtual one. Using the platform Whereby, they were able to pull it off successfully, with plans to do it every quarter now. A little friendly competition can go a long way in encouraging team bonding.

This can be in the form of a talent show, a pub quiz, or a hackathon. Cloud software company Okta managed to transform its hackathon into a virtual one for Focused on creating engagement in a remote atmosphere, Okta shipped T-shirts to teams, held a watch party that featured activities to keep people moving and even invited aerialists, DJs, and magicians to perform! Engaged employees feel a sense of purpose. For example, your engineering team could teach children how to code, or your communications team could tutor students in English.

The great thing is that these types of activities can be done online. Points of Light has a running list of virtual volunteer opportunities. Without that key ingredient, it will be tough to keep your workforce engaged. As many teams continue to work from home and people around the world continue to self-isolate, employee disengagement becomes even more of a threat.

But thanks to technology, there are many employee engagement activities you can do virtually—and that should be good news for all. Our programs were designed by world-renown coaches, and sessions only take minutes. Get started for free with personalized program now by chatting in the box below:. Our expert coaches have designed hyper-effective programs that will help.

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Big picture thinking is especially helpful for impactful communication, identifying priorities and aligning teams with clarity and focus. Inspire yourself and high potential talent to see and achieve grand visions and goals. A focus on goals is especially helpful for leading high performing teams, fostering collaboration and accountability and aligning teams with clarity and purpose. Strengthen your emotional intelligence EQ to bring out the best in yourself and others. Build a high performing team by trusting and embracing the experience and genius within others.

During this eight week program Coach Marlee will help you to develop a genuine appreciation for experimentation and data and a willingness to empower the opinions, feedback and insights within your team and others in your life.

In this high impact eight week program Coach Marlee will help increase your comfort and confidence to scale your influence and leadership, build high performing teams and help you and your team develop greater comfort to compete and collaborate at the top of your industry or field.

Reflection and patience is core to consolidating learning, development, strategic thinking and building a high performing team. Close the gap between your great ideas and starting them. Energy and drive for starting is key to acquiring high potential talent, building high performing teams, timely and impactful communication, kicking off projects and aligning teams with clarity and focus.

In this high impact nine week program Coach Marlee will help you to increase your self leadership and general wellbeing while also helping you to break through self sabotage, develop life long skills for emotional resilience and self-esteem, all crucial skills for sustaining high performance in your team.

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Top entrepreneurs on how to be a successful entrepreneur A look at the 11 leadership styles. Start for Free. Use Cases. Development Areas. Learning Options. The only employee engagement activity you need Get AI coaching that revitalizes your team. What is employee engagement? Employees feel engaged when they know what their organization and leaders expect of them. People want to apply their strengths and talents to their work.

Receiving recognition for a job well done helps motivate employees. Everyone wants to know that someone cares about them. Workplace friendships matter for employee engagement. Employees do not want to stagnate; they crave growth and development opportunities, and they need feedback to improve.

Engaged employees find their work meaningful. Why should I care about boosting employee engagement? Employee engagement activities can increase retention and thus, decrease hiring costs.

It can improve productivity and profitability. Create a dedicated Slack praise channel. Position employees as subject matter experts. Revise your onboarding. Help your employees discover their workplace motivations. Meet with them one-on-one. Set challenging goals. Offer career development opportunities. Connect them with a mentor.

Host all-hands meetings. Let employees shadow different departments. Involve your team in the creative process. Send them care packages. Find small, unexpected ways to delight your employees. Grant flexible work options. Offer virtual workouts. Celebrate birthdays. Reward work anniversaries. Use internal social media. Write your company values and mission statement together. Showcase their talents. Host a virtual company retreat. Host a competition. Volunteer together.

Connect their purpose with their work. Zoom icebreakers keep video call meetings from being boring, stuffy, or tension-filled. These get-to-know-you-better games are a fun team-building tactic. When teams are dispersed , finding anything to successfully bring them together is vital. When you plan a Virtual Murder Mystery for your team you bring that Clue-style fun to the virtual world. Let employees unleash their inner Sherlock Holmes with these brain-busting employee engagement games.

Tip: Get Murder Mystery specialists involved so you and your team can focus on following the clues! Plus, celebrating holidays virtually helps reduce burnout and elevates the workday. Tip: Be sure to celebrate each culture equally and to keep DEI diversity, empathy, and inclusion top of mind! Traveling is a fairly universal hobby in more ways than one. While flying all over the world can be a bit pricey, taking a virtual tour of a foreign city is a great alternative. These virtual excursions offer a get-away so your employees or coworkers can return to work rejuvenated and as a fully engaged virtual team.

Tip: Combine virtual trips with relevant gifts and themed packages — for instance, if your employees are taking a tour of Paris, get them a Parisian-themed snack box.

Conference call bingo is a classic game that can be brought into the 21st century thanks to video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Let your employees start competing ASAP! Tip: Offer fun perks to the winner like an experiential reward as opposed to the standard physical gift.

Buying employees lunch is a gesture that lets them know you want to take care of their most essential needs and then some. Tip: Buy them lunch at their favorite restaurant, or another idea is to get them a snack box to satisfy their cravings! Similar to icebreakers, Slide Deck Intros allow employees to be seen, heard, and to give their coworkers an idea of what makes them who they are. Deep down, people want to be genuinely known and understood. This is the perfect time to provide a glimpse into their inner lives.

These employee engagement games force employees to combine wits, communicate, and escape together — all before the clock runs out. You want your remote employees to have opportunities to get outside of the house and make healthy choices ie: exercise, cook good meals, enjoy some sunlight, meditate, practice yoga, walk around the block, etc.

For employee health and well-being, starting a wellness challenge is a must! And always remind them to be proud and celebrate even the tiniest steps in the right direction! Email Engagement Activities are the straight-to-their-inbox activities that teams can get behind. This employee engagement idea can range from surveys to trivia, but the key here is that the activity goes right into their inbox, which they have to check daily for work, anyways.

That all but guarantees high participation. Tip: For maximum virtual engagement, email the activities when the team is lighter on projects or consider reducing their workload to take some time to have some fun. SnackNation is a healthy office snack delivery service that makes healthy snacking fun, life more productive, and workplaces awesome. We provide a monthly, curated selection of healthy snacks from the hottest, most innovative natural food brands in the industry, giving our members a hassle-free experience and delivering joy to their offices.

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14 Best Virtual Employee Engagement Ideas That Actually Works.


Employees are loving the lack of commute, working in pajama pants, and zoom employee engagement ideas all-day snack access while employers are reaping the zoom employee engagement ideas of vastly reduced office and equipment costs.

But with great freedom comes a new responsibility for employers to help keep their employees engaged despite the distance. Give your teams the freedom of a virtual team lunch with gift cards to their favorite restaurant. Team members can go out and eat at their leisure and then send pictures to the team afterward. That can still happen with a zoom wine party! Send your remote employees a party kit with a bottle of their favorite wine and custom wine glasses with the company logo for a memorable yet virtual event that brings the team together.

Virtual events like these can go a long zoom recommended internet – none: to improve remote work collaboration as employees become more comfortable communicating together through zoom. You can pay for subscriptions to games like Jackbox for a variety of games, or enjoy free play app games like Among Us that allow for private groups to play through their phones. You can even skip the gaming tech and play an old-fashioned ice breaker game for one of your virtual employee engagement ideas.

These games can take as little as ten minutes but still give employees a fun way to connect and zoom employee engagement ideas to know one another. Now that employees are working in their own home offices, employees may miss the professional yet personalized feel of an official office workstation.

However, with every problem comes an opportunity, and this gives you the chance to show your employees that they can take the office home with them and improve remote work collaboration with some home office gifts!

Here are company branded gift ideas for virtual employee engagement. Give your employees a hand in setting up their home office workspace with some custom logo office gifts. Let your teams put their own spin on the company logo to create custom team swag gift set for zoom employee engagement ideas building fun. Let them embrace the work from home lifestyle with custom branded speakersdesk buddy cellphone standsand trendy stress relief desk toys. Not only are these great conversation-starters for your remote team members, but they help maintain a sense of team spirit through the custom branding.

With the freedom to create your own work flow and environment can come problems with coordinating, communicating, and maintaining a separation between work and home life. With everyone just a zoom link away, it can be zoom employee engagement ideas to set up meetings throughout the week whenever you want to coordinate as a team.

Instead, start the week off with one engagemetn meeting that everyone attends and get your big plans laid out for the week. After zom, try to settle how to record meeting zoom in – none: in chats or emails only unless absolutely necessary. This will save time and help ensure everyone starts the week off on the same page with the same goals.

When employees have easy access to their work computer at all hours of the day, it can be tempting to try and get a head start on the next day with just one more hour of work in the enyagement, take zoom employee engagement ideas work to the couch and keep going zoom employee engagement ideas their scheduled break, or just keep working a little longer after clocking out.

Zoom employee engagement ideas this is harmless once or twice, it can quickly become a zoom employee engagement ideas of employees overworking themselves outside of normal work hours. Without the time to relax at the end of the day or even ideaw care of zokm needs, employees can quickly become burnt out. Regardless of looming deadlines or urgent tasks, make it clear to your employees that you интересные how to change the language in zoom app – how to change the language in zoom app: сообщение them to take their designated breaks, to stop working at the end of the day, and to not touch their work computer until they clock in the next morning.

This zoom employee engagement ideas on employee self-care will make them more engaged and effective during their scheduled work time and protect their mental health. Activities and games that are fun for one team may not be as engaging for another, and some teams really do need more zoom meetings zolm others. These solutions and fun work activities can act as guidelines to get you on the right track, but the first and most important step is to communicate with your employees and see what they need.

With their insights to guide you, your engagement efforts will be much more successful. Katie is a classic nerd who loves to write, whether it’s about businesses, home tips, or star wars fan theories. Is meditation the answer? Retail real estate costs are dropping now that everyone is moving their stores online, but….

Wondering how to support Pride Month as a small business? Company emplloyee are a time-tested way to celebrate the culture of your small business and…. Home Productivity. Virtual Team Activities for Employee Engagement 1. Long Distance Team Lunches. Engagemebt Yelisetti Katie is a classic nerd who loves to write, whether it’s about businesses, home tips, or star wars emploeye theories. Published by Katie Zoom employee engagement ideas.

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Zoom employee engagement ideas. The Best Remote Employee Engagement Activities & Ideas You Need To Engage Your Virtual Team In 2022

Check out our list of virtual icebreaker questions for more inspiration, plus recommendations on how to effectively use these prompts in a virtual meeting. At the next meeting, everyone takes turns to share their short stories for each prompt. Tip: Offer fun perks to the winner like an experiential reward as opposed to the standard physical gift. If laughter is the best medicine, then help people fulfill their prescription by hiring a comedian to host your next virtual happy hour. Remote workers need to have access to quality zoom employee engagement ideas tools to create a transparent communication strategy with their peers and the customer base. Please enable Zoom employee engagement ideas Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences!


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