Why wont zoom open on my laptop

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Why wont zoom open on my laptop. The most common Zoom issues and how to fix them

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Below we will consider what such problems may be associated with, and what to do. To begin with, consider the situation when the Zoom website does not open , and when you try to enter the portal, an error constantly appears on the screen. To solve the problem, do the following:. Sometimes it happens when the Zoom conference does not start. To solve the problem, take the following steps:.

On the Internet, the question often comes across why the Zoom application does not start. The reason may be a discrepancy with the stated requirements, a technical failure, the operation of antivirus software and other problems.

To resolve this situation, do the following:. After each of the steps above, try whether Zoom starts or not. May I know which site did you try to download Zoom Meeting app? You Surface Book 1 should compatible with Zoom Meeting.

Can you try to contact Zoom support to check on this also. Maybe the installer version you are trying to use is incorrect for the Surface Book 1. If this answer your question, we highly encourage you to inform our Community by clicking on Yes or marking my post as an answer.

This will help other members who may have the same issue as you. Otherwise, don’t hesitate to update us so we can further assist you. Was this reply helpful? Yes No. Sorry this didn’t help. I tried every installer version that they provided and still nothing happened. I tried going through Google Chrome as well and it said that it was blocked. Hi HaleyBrunner ,. Thank you for the response. I tried it here also on my end using the second link you provided and it seems to be working.

When you hit the download button, is there any pop up on message at the bottom of the browser where you could choose between Run or Save? Can you try to access the link using Internet Explorer? If as a Standard User, please try using an Admin account.


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Did you join a meeting and can’t hear anyone? If so, you probably closed the window that popped up before you logged into a meeting. It’s one of. If you’re using a laptop, make sure that there’s no obstruction in the camera. Some users forget that they’ve taped over something on their. 1 My Camera Does Not Work If you’ve joined a Zoom meeting, but you are unable to see the video of the other participants, or your own camera isn’t outputting.


Quick Fixes When Your Zoom Meeting Camera Isn’t Working.

Here you’ll have the option to set your preferences as well as test the microphone and speaker on your PC to see if it’s working. Most likely, they are running in the background, and perhaps they are among startup programs on your device. Entering your details can then correct the mic fault without having to restart. Updating your apps is critical to ensure that it runs smoothly and without issues.


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