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Stay away from this company. They are extremely high pressure, rude, and just overall a poor product. A client contacted me today about misinformation posted on Zoom Info. About my company. Derogatory remarks about both the principals and fabricated financials that we have no idea about where this information could of been derived, Obviously fabricated.

You may ask yourself why this is the only review site to show all negative reviews — spend 15 minutes checking Zoominfo’s reviews on G2 and it’s clear they are paying for thousands of fake reviews, if not generating via bot.

Image attached You can also tell the reviews are fake by: the same repeated phrases over and over, inaccurate info several reviews just call it Zoom , the poor and broken english time and time again, and the fact that almost EVERY positive review has a source of “invitation by the seller. They all give it 1-star. This is an elaborate scheme by Zoominfo to hide the legitimate 1-star reviews.

This company is so fraudulent and a total scam. It’s illegal to pay for or produce fake reviews to mislead consumers. Props to sitejabber for apparently having way more stringent qualification to screen out fake reviews. We should all report them to the FTC.

I signed up for a free trial. Didn’t get a free trial. I got called by a dude who wanted to set aside 15 minutes for a videoconference meeting. I agreed to it as I was curious about ZoomInfo. Well, between then and the time of the appointment, I looked them up.

No thanks. So I emailed to let them know I was canceling the meeting. The guy called me from a spoofed number that matched my cell’s area code. Not a ZoomInfo corporate number mind you, a spoofed number close to my cell. I usually regard those as spam, so I sent it to voicemail.

Asked about rescheduling. I said, “So you call someone who’s business you want from a spoofed number? Thanks but no thanks. Haven’t heard from them since. But given the reviews here, I am guessing I might be harassed throughout the week.

Not professional. He also had no idea what my position was at a hotel Corporate Travel Sales Manager but insists that thousands of hotels use them. If plenty of hotels use you it’s mainly for leads of corporate travelers to try and secure business.

He didn’t even bother to show me how the platform worked and instead ended the call abruptly saying let’s not waste anyones time. Horrible sales and customer service. Quite a joke. Zooming gathers incorrect information on business revenue, business addresses, employee names, and more. It is all wrong. They are a complete joke and should be shut down. It should be illegal to do that they do. Someone needs to lock them up. I made the mistake of signing up for a free trial.

Don’t do it! They hound you on the phone constantly. Call after call from different numbers. I eventually downloaded a RoboKiller app and now let that answer them Tip for consumers: Do not sign up for the free trial – you will never get rid of them! This is a bunch of low lives. They spidered our site and made up fake info about us. It’s just a fraud masquerading as a legit business. We tried contacting them to no avail. If it is correct data, you’re helping their scheme.

Or if you do sign up, consider writing false data. Feed them their own medicine. Hello Josie, I am very sorry to hear about your negative experience. Companies are able to claim their profiles and verify if it is up-to-date information.

Zoominfo is more interested in enforcing their auto renew clause than actually working with their clients. You will not hear from your customer service rep until AFTER the renewal clause date has come and gone. They are not interested in finding out whether your company is using the tool or if you are dissatisfied with it. They are interested in the renewal clause. Check BBB rating. They stole your personal informaiton, post on their website for profit and refuse to delete it!

I have contacted them many times and request they delete my personal cell phone and email info. But got no response at all! Zoominfo go to hell! Recently talked to one of their sales reps closer. I felt like I was dealing with a car salesman or timeshare closer 25 years ago. He bad mouthed their competition and tried to get me to commit to 15 k on the spot. Historically companies with this old style sales approach are trying to cover up flawed products or services.

The salesman was probably a proud graduate of Trump University. Have not heard from Zoominfo in over a year and now they are threatening me with collections and auto renewing my account. Awful business practice. Buyer beware. I just heard from my attorney on the final offer from Zoom info. This is Monday so I have to use my payroll and rent to pay them off. I will be very happy if I can keep anyone from going through this with this company.

Do your research and use someone else. Since my last review I have hired an attorney to try and settle my account with Zoominfo. They will not just cancel the contract so they sent a collection agency after me. They do not discuss that you cannot cancel the program if you are not satisfied and they do not tell you about needing 60 days’ notice if you are not going to renew.

If you miss the 60 day window, they auto-renew you and you cannot get out of it. Through my attorney, we made a reasonable offer to settle since I’ve already paid a quarter of the contract and I haven’t used my credits 7 months, but they rejected it.

They don’t care about being in a pandemic and I would have to borrow money to pay this off. Look at their competitors that are less expensive and may offer a month-to-month service rather than being locked in for a full year with no way out. They are very deceptive. My new salesperson wanted this service. It was expensive but I figured the money it would generate would pay for it. I used it for one quarter but it was not generating enough business and during the pandemic, I just could not afford it.

I stopped using it and told customer service I needed to cancel it. I had to pay or be turned over to collection, so in 2 days I will start getting collection calls and my credit will most likely be ruined. Do not use them. They used our company info and make up information. The owners name listed is a lies. Employees and revenue all lies. Total fraud – no respect for privacyThey posted wrong information about me without my permission.

I submitted request to remove my information multiple time. They posted wrong information about me without my permission. I submitted request to remove my information multiple time- Terrible hijacking of information.

ZoomInfo delivers the most accurate B2B contact data and B2B contact lists to fuel your business initiatives. Jobs Recruiting Share Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Add a note optional – e. Write a Review Ask a Question. Ratings On Other Platforms Trustpilot.

Corporate Values. Overview ZoomInfo has a consumer rating of 1 star from 61 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases.

Top Critical Review. Rating 5 stars 0. Other Verified purchase. Verified site experience. Who are these people? The email received said: “Personal Information Notice This notice is to inform you of the collection, processing, and sale of certain personal information or personal data about you “personal information”.

ZoomInfo is a provider of contact and business personal information regarding business professionals for direct marketing purposes. Our customers are businesses trying to reach business professionals for sales and marketing and recruiting. You can opt out of our database if you want to; the best way to do so is to visit our Privacy Center at Are they registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office?

Took my info in GDPR breach, wont let me delete or remove my data. Page just crashes. Disgusting company who violate privacy laws and sell your personal contact details to organisations for a profit.

This company has somehow been able to locate my PRIVATE mobile number and has sold it to agencies and other businesses who keep contacting me throughout the day. Repeated complaints to them have been ignored and I’m on the verge of filing a case for damages against them. I’ve attempted to contact ZoomInfo directly using the details on their website and included their president and chief information officer but I’ve had no response.

I’ve formally requested a report on where they obtained my personal information, as is my legal right as a UK citizen and protected by GDPR, but they have ignored this request. As with other reviewers, they have obtained my personal data and are processing and selling this without my explicit consent, which is against the law in the UK. I am STILL receiving phone calls at all hours from companies who have paid this organisation for my personal contact details.

I’ve now reached out for legal representation as this is a clear case of privacy invasion and harrassment, and would strongly suggest everyone do the same. Kings of Spam. Words fail me–was looking for an email address and made the mistake of giving them my contact information for “a free trial. And even worse, they appear to have sold that number to a large number of other business who are now also calling. And they just tried LinkedIn and are really proud of themselves for being really persistent.

The word I would use is harassment. Great way to source new prospects. Impressive insights and my experience with the sales and customer service team has been top notch. We were baited in as many were here with promises of the Earth, only to have the products stripped back when actually paying.

Promises of ongoing support, a user friendly system, all lies. The system is intuitive, hard to use and carry out the most basic functions, only to find a lot of the data is fake anyway and made up by their internal systems. Overview Reviews About. Company activity See all Claimed profile. Replied to 3 out of 14 negative reviews. Write a review. Reviews 34 Filter by: English. Filter by: English. Zooming found my data last year Zooming found my data last year, in and a Sales person kept sending me emails and they keep spamming my work emails.

Our Transparency Report has landed Take a look. May 19, Impressive platform and accurate data I was really impressed with the quality of the data and the automative tools that help make prospecting less manual and time consuming for my reps. May 17, Must have product with huge benefit for our business Endless data available at your fingertips!

Unparalleled Data I’ve been using ZoomInfo for about a year and it’s been instrumental for my sales team to prospect and tap into new markets.

Great for any and all teams! May 16, May 13, Reducing blind prospecting I’ve been using the ZoomInfo platform for a few months and it’s been extremely helpful in being able to improve my overall prospecting and for my sales team. Updated May 13, Unethical Company with unethical… Unethical Company with unethical people. Accurate data The data has been a game changer for our sales team.

Apr 21, Incorrect details and unresponsive Having asked ZoomInfo to remove incorrect details about our company on their website including turnover, phone number and members of staff , they have been unresponsive.

Updated Mar 31, Very deceptive sales tactics Very deceptive sales tactics. Mar 31, ZoomInfo really is the best The amount of data we get from ZoomInfo is amazing! Updated May 4, Horrified to find these people have my email I am horrified to receive an email from this company, I don’t know how they got hold of my email address, they are now threatening to sell it on unless I click on links to get removed.

Mar 1, Updated May 5, Disgusting company who violate privacy laws and ignore emails to be removed from their “service”… Disgusting company who violate privacy laws and sell your personal contact details to organisations for a profit.

Jan 25, Kings of Spam Kings of Spam. Dec 14, Great way to source new prospects Great way to source new prospects. Nov 26,


Zoominfo reviews.


It can zoominfo reviews an overwhelming process to find the right tech stack for your recruiting workflow with so zpominfo solutions available.

Interseller consolidates your sourcing zoominfo reviews outreach efforts into a powerful all-in-one recruiting solution so you can save the time it takes to engage with prospects and candidates. While your emails send zoominfo reviews, you can track how sequences are performing in real-time at the user or team level with zominfo reporting data to читать полностью open rates, reply rates, and much more.

Interseller believes in transparency when it comes to pricing and contract flexibility so we provide monthly billing as a pricing plan.

I know other sales teams that are using different apps to do what Interseller can do on its reiews platform. On top of that, they really focus on deliverability and making sure your emails hit the inbox. These guys zooinfo operating on another level and it really does feel like a premium product.

ZoomInfo has a Chrome extension that can be used on LinkedIn and company websites to identify detailed contact rveiews including personal emails, mobile phone numbers, and professional work history. You can also filter zoominfo reviews contacts based on granular criteria such as industry, academic background, specific job roles, and much more. По этому адресу integrates with your email inbox so you can easily sync your email activity to your integration.

You can eliminate making manual changes in your integration and keep your workflow streamlined zoominfo reviews full visibility into the review and engagement of your pipeline. I use it to fill in missing rwviews information before passing a lead onto the SDR team. ZoomInfo is a trusted name in the recruiting and sales software industries for having one of the largest searchable databases, boasting a roster of clients such as Amazon, T-Mobile, and Zoom.

This can help recruiters efficiently streamline their prospecting efforts to discover zoominfo reviews qualified contacts to add to their hiring pipeline. While ZoomInfo may stand out with their large searchable database, Interseller excels when it comes to contract flexibility and pricing, data quality and accuracy, and being a cost effective all-in-one recruiting tool. At Interseller, we zoominfo reviews in developing great partnerships with our customers and recognize that contract flexibility and pricing play an integral role in that.

Committing to an zoomifo contract may not be the right option for everyone, especially if the price point is high how do increase the on my screen if your business needs may change later on.

While ZoomInfo may have more access to contact information, Interseller prides itself in having better data quality for both work and personal emails. Interseller provides a cost effective all-in-one solution so you can save time and money from having to utilize multiple tools for different parts of your recruiting workflow.

Related Posts – Interseller vs. Features Source Find verified contact information of new prospects. Zoominfo reviews Automate revieqs series of personalized emails. Connect Synchronize zoominfo reviews your prospects revews communication. External Recruiting Teams Land zoominfo reviews with clients and candidates. Latest Blog Posts. Reviewws Goes to Sourcing School. Sourcing Tips for Engaging Talent zoominfo reviews and Beyond. Interseller Interseller consolidates your sourcing and zoominfo reviews efforts into a powerful all-in-one recruiting solution so you can save the time it takes to engage with prospects and candidates.

G2 Rating: 4. Where Revoews wins While ZoomInfo may stand out with zoominfo reviews large searchable database, Interseller excels when it comes to contract flexibility and pricing, data quality and accuracy, and being a cost effective all-in-one recruiting tool. Last updated September Related Posts – Zoominfo reviews vs. Make your team more productive today! Get in touch.


Zoominfo reviews


ZoomInfo A new standard /28479.txt B2B intelligence zoominfo reviews go-to market. Prices and features. Presentation of ZoomInfo. Show more. Show less. What is Revieqs Empowering each phase of their go-to-market strategy and driving their ability to hit their number.

Robust features and integrations seamlessly incorporated into your workflows More leads for reviws and marketing teams More closed deals for sales organizations More efficiency zoomifno operations. With real-time information about contacts and companies sent directly to the right sales reps and teams, you can save time, streamline communication and alignment, and boost productivity — faster than you ever thought possible.

Easily build out territories, score leads, prioritize follow up, and so much more. Take an account-based approach to creating more effective campaigns.

B2B intelligence makes it easy to identify your ideal buyers and group them together zoominfo reviews on common interests or pain points. From industries and tech stacks to business models, funding rounds and product announcements — ZoomInfo has more than company attributes you can use to create your ideal campaign audiences.

Get more leads The days of lengthy website forms are over. ZoomInfo FormComplete you can shorten your forms and zoomknfo conversion rates. A prospect simply enters their email address and ZoomInfo will automatically fill in the remaining fields, zoominfo reviews the process simpler, faster, and more zoominfo reviews. Information on ZoomInfo. List of the available languages: English. Steps to zoominro Successful Sales Process. Prices and features of ZoomInfo All Plans.

On demand. Analytics Dashboards. Interactive Dashboard. Show all functionalities. Clients alternatives to ZoomInfo. Zoominfo reviews every alternative.

Customer reviews about ZoomInfo 0. Zoominfo reviews reviews, be the first to revieqs yours. Legal Notice. Software comparison tool Zoominfo reviews Sitemap. Software vendors My account Help Center Reference a solution. Work Smarter by Zoominfo reviews New trends and tips to be more efficient at work, in your mailbox.

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